Wednesday, December 2, 2009


Two days till my Birthday! I'm way excited. 

It actually feels like December outside. Shocker, i know. I'm sure tomorrow it will be sunny with a high of 75. Go figure! ha

Today has been good, we are doing secret santa at work and let me just say i am a good secret santaer! I love giving presents. So fun! 

That's all i have time for right now. Maybe I'll post later tonight. (during choir practice..hehehe)

With lovely lovey love,

Tuesday, December 1, 2009


December is my favorite month!! It gets so busy with my birthday and Christmas! But I love it. I love that when you go anywhere it smells like christmas and you can almost always hear "rockin around the christmas tree", or "white Christmas". Its so great!

One more week of school and then finals..GLORY. I'm so tired of school.

idk if I'll get to make it to the craft night on Thursday. The joys of Night Classes.

On a brighter note, i have found something that calms me down. The Guitar.

It is so awesome. I was in the worst mood yesterday after work, i went home, and got on my guitar and after that I was so relaxed and in a muuuuch better mood. I have to give credit to Taylor Swift(even though she wins all these awards and is a boyfriend stealer [; ) She can write a pretty easy song to learn on Guitar.

Going to Fayettville next weekend to visit my friends, i'm excited!

That's all i have for now, i'll be back soon!

oooh and if you were wondering...i'm gonna marry him!