Thursday, October 22, 2009

Put my Boots on!

Question: Are rainy days fun?
Answer: HECK NO.

I hate rainy days...first of all, its raining and there is no sun. no bueno.
Second your shoes get wet, who wants there shoes wet.
and thirdly, things always seem to happen to me on the rainy days.
Today, I leave the Doctors office and decided I am going to head to class early to type my paper that is due. Before I finish this thought, let me fill you in on what happend last week(on a rainy day) So, this paper is due and i decided, again, that I am going to head to class early[sound fimilar]. Well, I drive all the way to NLR(30minutes away) and as i am pulling into the parking lot I receive a message saying class is canceled..FABULLLOUS! Wasted time and gas.
Again, rainy day, I pull into the parking lot, get out of my car and start looking for my paper. Low and Behold, not in my car. uhhhhh.

Wet feet, nasty looking hair, and kinda of smelling a little funny(rain and detergent :/ ) I wait for class to start.
This would have been a great day if i would have put my boots on this morning.



Krystle said...

aw! sarahbeth! i shwuv you :-)

Jerskuh said...

It's ok. Wildebeasts love rain. Who needs boots?

Jerskuh said...

And BTW, why you no follow my blog?