Tuesday, November 17, 2009

again..5 minutes!!

This will be the fastest blog of my life. But really there is only one think that needs to be said!!

NEW MOON IS IN 2 DAY! waaaah..i'm so excited.

I just printed off my ticket confirmation that has been waiting paticently in my email inbox. And today it was set free. I cannot wait. I made my shirtsupporting my men...(jake and eddie) I will definetely post pictures of it...I'm also thinking about making another shirt to wear on Friday, when we go see new moon again with JennaB. I am a little bummed because I cant go to the Twilight watch party that will be taking place before..Dumb school..

OH...and, i'm thinking about making a present for my will be amazingly funny and some what weird..NAh. It's okay though, its expected. Its what i do! yay!

So sorry if this was way random and makes no sense. thats just me! (:(its their fault)

Much lOve!



Krystle said...

hahaha sarahbeth i love you so much